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Lashing, sugaring, and minding my busine

About Us

Kyra “Key” Ellis-Cairns is the owner of Keyluxe Beauty and Ink in San Diego, California. As a Licensed Esthetician, she offers Lash Extensions, Lash Artistry Education, Facials, and Body Treatments. She graduated the Master’s Esthetics Program at Bellus Academy Poway in 2017 with advanced certifications as well as recognition for exemplary performance in the Master’s Esthetics Luxury Program.

Keyluxe Beauty and Ink was created in early 2018 offering facials, body treatments, sugaring hair removal, lash extensions, and makeup services in efforts to enhance and accentuate one’s natural physical beauty in efforts to further illuminate the beauty from within. Key is a passionate advocate for self-love and confidence. She loves to customize and create a great set of lash extensions or accent your best facial features through her makeup artistry to frame this certitude.

Limited services are available until further notice. Kyra has returned to Bellus Academy to achieve her Nail Technician Licensure. She is passionate about nail artistry and is excited to add it to her repertoire!




Most Popular Booking

Mega Volume offers Hollywood glam, drama + the darkest lash line. This technique uses handmade 8-15 dimension fans using ultra-fine 0.03 lashes that are safe for your nat...
Full-Set - Mega Volume
2 h 30 min

Love Notes

Growing up I was a tomboy and beauty measures were the least of my concerns. Flash-forward a decade and I am a published, self-proclaimed model-mommy who prioritizes visible eyebrows before stepping foot out of my front door. Sadly, I was not blessed with the iconic eyebrows of Cara Delevingne, but let’s be honest, Whoopi Goldberg’s eyebrows and mine were one in the same; nonexistent.  That was until Kyra, Ms. Beauty & Ink herself, graced my face with her micro-blading perfection. She was very professional during the service and made sure I was comfortable. She took the time to explain every step and its purpose. After outlining what my new brows would look like, she made sure to get my insight and approval. It was over before I knew it and did not hurt at all. At first the strokes appeared to be very minimal and light, but the next morning I WOKE UP WITH EYEBROWS! Your girl was finally together. I did not have to pencil, stencil, or anything. I know they say eyebrows are sisters and not twins, but after going to Kyra, I can barely tell there is a difference between the two. I am so impressed how good they look after only one session. I can’t wait to get my touch up.

If there is anyone I trust for my beautician/aesthetician needs it is Kyra. Not only has she put amazing sets of lashes on me but she microbladed my eyebrows, which was something I was fearful of doing because I have sensitive skin. She made the experience so comfortable, worked at a great pace without rushing, mapped my brow shape out so well, and made the experience a lot less painful than I thought it would be. I'm so happy with the end result! She walked me through the aftercare to make sure my final brows were tip top. On top of being so friendly and knowledgeable, she is great at her craft! 

I have come to Kyra for multiple services and I've been more than satisfied with every visit. She's very patient and so informative about every service. I was a first timer when I had my eyebrows thread and she made the experience so easy and enjoyable that threading is the only way to go for me now. Her facials have brought my skin to life on every occasion. Whether you are a first timer or a repeat client Kyra makes sure it is enjoyable and not your last visit.

Breanna Gilbert, Event Planner

Amanda Mercedes, Singer

Teyona Breon, Editoral Model


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3007 Clairemont Dr #S03 San Diego, CA 92117

  Tel: 619-738-0662

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Tuesday - Friday: 10am-4pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

*After-hour appointment accommodations available upon request. Additional service premiums will apply on a case-by-case contingency.

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