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Keyluxe Beauty and Ink is located inside of Sola Salons - this is the action plan that is taking place within the Sola establishment and Keyluxe Beauty and Ink.

SOLA San Diego
COVID-19 Reopening Rules and Regulations

May 28, 2020

- ALL Sola Professionals MUST wear face masks at ALL TIMES while in the salon.

- Each Sola Pro is responsible for enforcing Client face mask usage. Clients not wearing face masks may not be allowed inside Sola. Clients may be supplied a face mask or must be turned away.

- Front doors will remain locked until further notice.

o Service will be by appointment only. No walk-ins allowed.

o Clients must wait outside until the Sola Pro sends a text or calls.

o Sola Pro will meet the client at the front door and escort client to the studio.

- Sola Pros and their clients should be the only people in the building.

- No children (unless getting a service), no industry reps, no guests.

- No gatherings in the hallways or other common areas.

- Studio doors should remain closed during client interaction.

- Studios must be fully disinfected between clients. We suggest booking 10 - 15 minutes apart to allow time for proper sanitation.

- Sola Pros should attend online Barbicide sanitation training, follow Barbicide recommended cleaning protocols and display the Barbicide certification in their studio.

- Remove fabric seating and other materials from studios that cannot be properly sanitized.

- Sola Pros should maintain a 1:1 ratio.

- Cleaning service will provide daily cleaning of common areas using EPA-registered disinfectants. Special attention will be made to all frequently touched surfaces (door handles, studio door handles, bathroom surfaces, etc.)

- Hand sanitizing dispensers will be installed at Sola entrances/exits for use by Sola Pros and clients.

- All loose flyers, pamphlets, business card holders at the front of the Sola have been removed.

- Call the SD County Health Department with questions related to COVID-19 at (619) 229-5400, M-F, 8am-4pm.

- Keep these signed Re-Opening Guidelines in your studio at all times and, be able to show these to any State or Local Regulatory official that may come and check that we are following the plan.

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