What is Microblading?

Microblading is a way of cosmetic tattooing. Other names for microblading include 3D Brows, Eyebrow Embroidery, or Micropigmentation. It is a procedure categorized under permanent makeup, but contrary to traditional cosmetic tattooing, it is less invasive and is considered semi-permanent. The procedure is done by using a manual hand tool with ultra-fine needles and each 'hair' is gently etched into the skin, leaving a natural and realistic look. Microblading can dramatically enhance, correct or fully reconstruct eyebrow hair loss for prospective clients who have little to no eyebrow hair, thinning brows from age or over tweezed brows. The technician and client will consult to determine the natural or desired brow color. Skin tone will also be considered during pigment selection. 


What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup treatments replicate perfectly applied conventional makeup. Commonly performed on the brows, lash line, lips, and hairline. This is done by inserting cosmetic pigments into the dermis layer of the skin.

How long does microblading results last?

Microblading results typically lasts six to 18 months, depending on skin type and daily skin care routine. The pigment will remain for one to three years if there are no additional touch-ups. Even after the color fades, the pigment itself may stay in the skin permanently and indefinitely.

The results of the procedure may vary determined by the following; oral or topical medications, skin characteristics (dry, dehydrated, oily, sun-damaged, thick or thin skin types), personal pH balance of your skin, alcohol intake, smoking, and post-procedure after-care.


How long does a microblading appointment take?

The initial microblading procedure is complete in about three hours. During this session, paperwork is completed upon arrival followed by a client consultation. Next, brow mapping is performed to shape, style, and customize the client’s brows for their approval followed by pigment color selection.  Once the client is satisfied with the prospective brows, we begin the procedure.

Touch-ups are needed 4 to 6 weeks after your initial appointment to perfect and remedy uneven appearance or pigment loss during the healing process. This session will take up to 2 hours to complete.


How long is the healing process for microblading?

A healing period of four(4) weeks is required before a touch up procedure can be performed. For the first week, avoid sun exposure, saunas, excessive sweating, tanning, and makeup application on the treatment area. For two weeks, avoid swimming and facials.


What can I expect to see during the healing process?

Immediately after treatment the treated area will feel sensitive.  Any redness and swelling will subside within a few hours.

Day 1 - 3: Brow will look dark, as if you have brow pencil on it.  The color will soften significantly and gradually over the next few weeks.

Day 3 - 5: Brow might begin to itch.  If you feel discomfort, gently press on the brow area.  Do not pick or scratch.

Day 5 - 7: Pigment will begin to peel, from the outside edges of the brow.  Do not pick or pull at the flaking pigment, but allow to fall naturally.  Peeling period may take anywhere from several days to over a week.

Day 7 - 10: Pigment stops peeling.  Color underneath will appear softer and less visible for a few weeks.

Note that the above are general guidelines.  Some specific skin types (e.g. oily skin) may go at a different pace.

The full healing process takes 6 - 8 weeks.  It may appear that most or all of the color has been lost in the first few weeks after treatment, but this is just the pigment oxidizing and your skin naturally healing.  The color will fade significantly first before reappearing again.  Towards the end of the healing process is when you will see the microbladed brow strokes take their true color.  Please be patient, and allow the brow to fully heal before judging the results.

Is the touch-up session for microblading necessary?

A touch-up session is necessary in perfecting and refilling any sparse areas that may have resulted from pigment loss during the healing process. During this session, pigment color can be adjusted or corrected. Oily skin types may require a deeper shade of pigment because oils can lighten the shade during the healing process. Additional hair strokes can also be added as well as thickening the brow shape if desired.


Is microblading painful?

The microblading procedure may be slightly uncomfortable. Although numbing cream is used during the procedure, slight sensitivity or discomfort may still be felt by some clients. Most clients have reported zero to mild discomfort.


Who is not suitable for microblading?

Microblading is not suitable for the following candidates:

  • Using Accutane

  • Have heart conditions or using heart medications

  • Have diabetes (will require a physician's note)

  • Have skin disease or irritations 

  • Have had Botox in the last 2 weeks

  • Have gotten a deep tan or chemical peels in the last 2 weeks

  • Allergic to lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine or epinephrine

  • Anyone who has any serious medical conditions may require a physician's note. 

  • Pregnant or nursing clients.

  • Anyone under the age of 18.

* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we deem not suitable for this procedure or for any other reason. Keyluxe Beauty and Ink makes the decision to perform microblading on an individual based on their own discretion.


Is microblading safe?

Keyluxe Beauty and Ink executes safety and infection control procedures in a sanitized environment during all treatments and services offered to ensure the safety of our clients. Single-use instruments are used and discarded immediately after each procedure.


What are some risks or complications involved with microblading?
Infections can occur if aftercare instructions are not followed correctly. There may be swelling or redness following the procedure. You may experience minor bleeding. Possible scarring may occur although rare. Although in extremely rare cases, there may be an immediate or delayed allergic reaction to pigment. A negative patch test five to seven days prior does not guarantee that you will not develop an allergic reaction after the full procedure. Allergic reactions to anesthetics can also occur.


What are some pre- and post-procedure tips for microblading?


  • Please wear your normal make-up to the salon on the day of your procedure.

  • Please DO NOT drink alcohol the night before treatment.

  • Where possible try to avoid the following herbs and spices prior to your appointment:

  • Black pepper (Piper nigrum), Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), any member of the Zingiberaceae (Ginger) family, Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens), Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia), Garlic (Allium sativum), Horseradish (Armoracia lapathifolia), Mustard – a patch test will be performed, unless waived upon request.

  • Any brow shaping using epilation (i.e. waxing, sugaring, threading, or tweezing) should be performed at least 48 hours before treatment.

  • Electrolysis treatment should be undergone no less than 5 days before treatment.

  • AHA preparations should be undergone no less than 2 weeks before treatments.

  • Chemical peels, laser peels, or any Retin-A should not be used at least 6 weeks before the procedure.



  • No makeup should be applied directly on the brows during the healing process. Microblading creates an open wound and makeup could cause a delay in the healing process or infection.

  • Avoid wetting eyebrows during your healing process.

  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, and sun beds during your healing process.

  • Do not touch, rub, pick or scratch your brows following treatment or during your healing process.

  • Eyebrows may flake, scab, or become slightly dry following treatment. If they itch, DO NOT SCRATCH. Instead, tap or gently pat to soothe the itch with clean hands.

  • If your eyebrows get wet during the healing process, pat them dry with a clean towel. DO NOT RUB.

  • Apply your choice of healing ointment as needed. If you have excessively oily skin, you may not need the healing balm. For drier skin types, the healing balm can be used up to three(3) times each day.

  • You can use a Q-tip and gentle soap water to gently remove the previous layer of healing balm or to cleanse the eyebrows of any lymphatic liquid (clear yellowish liquid) that may have built up.

  • A touch-up is needed 4 to 6 weeks after your initial appointment.

  • Avoid excess sun exposure as this can cause the pigment to fade and can affect the healing process.

  • Avoid using daily skin care products directly on your eyebrows. (i.e. Setting spray, refreshers, and toners in a spray bottle should be avoided.)

  • If you are having an MRI scan, please inform your doctor that you have had microblading.

  • If you are planning a chemical peel or any other medical procedure, please inform the therapist that you have had microblading. Procedure should only be done once you healing process is complete.

  • If you are due to give blood, inform your nurse about the microblading treatment you’ve done as they could alter the results.


What is the recovery time?

There is no “downtime” for microblading. There may be swelling and redness of the skin which typically subsides within one(1) to four(4) days. In some cases, bruising may occur. You may resume your normal activities following the procedure, however, using cosmetics, excessive perspiration and exposure to the sun should be limited until the skin has fully healed. Please see after-care instructions for more details. The procedure results will look acceptable for you to appear in public without additional make-up on the affected area.


What if I do not like my microblading results?

As with all cosmetic procedures, we encourage all our prospective client’s consider their choices wisely. Research is highly recommended in order to understand the procedure, compare different artists' work and portfolio, and ask questions prior or during the consultation appointment when making their decisions. Brow mapping is performed after the consultation and prior to the procedure to shape and style the eyebrows unique to the client’s facial structure and to the client’s satisfaction. Brow mapping is used to achieve an even, symmetrical appearance, however no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical. Remember, “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. Uneven appearance can be remedied during the touch-up session. Pigment discoloration and color correction can also be fixed during the touch-up appointment. Microblading effects will eventually fade away if no additional touch-ups are applied over time. The microblading treatment performed at Keyluxe Beauty and Ink is non-refundable.


What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please inform us 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. No-shows and cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled appointment will be charged 50% of the original cost of treatment or service to the card used to reserve the appointment.


Microblading, lash extension, and makeup consultation no-show and cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time will be charged a $50 penalty to the card used to reserve the appointment.

Another question?

Feel free to contact us via email, phone, or text anytime. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.