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By signing the Waiver of Consent & Liability form, you are agreeing to the following:

1. I understand the natural lash cycle and normal wear/tear will require in-fill maintenance of my extensions, if desired.

2. I understand lash extensions are not a permanent service. Semi-permanent lash extensions and their lasting effects are highly variable and typically require bi-weekly fills to remain full.

3. I am 18-years or older, or my parent/legal guardian has agreed to this Waiver of Consent & Liability.

4. I understand the aftercare instructions provided to me in my Procedure Consent Form and can reference back to anytime at under the Forms or FAQs tab.

5. I understand to keep my eyes closed throughout the application process as tearing can cause the lashes to bond together rather than be isolated one-by-one.

6. I understand all risks come with lash extensions as some materials used throughout the application process can cause allergic reactions and sharp implements are being used around the eyes and facial areas. (Allergic reactions can develop at anytime due to the adhesive, adhesive removal solutions, eye patches, or medical tape - even if you've had extensions before.) 

7. I hereby release any and all persons representing Keyluxe Beauty and Ink from all claims, demands, damages, actions and cause of action arising out of performance of services requested.

8. I give consent for photographs to be taken of my eyes and their natural lashes and/or lash extensions.

9. I understand it is my responsibility to ask any questions regarding services I have requested and I have been given the opportunity to ask any questions about the products, application procedure, and any risks involved. 

10. In the unforeseeable event of an allergic reaction, Keyluxe Beauty and Ink will not be held responsible under any circumstance.

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